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Territory of an immense expanse with multiple landscapes, Algeria is the place par excellence of the transition from the northern Mediterranean to the desert borders of the Sahara. A magnificent Mediterranean coastline, a diversity of reliefs, a rich historical and cultural heritage, a very mild climate with mild winters and almost permanent sunshine and finally the majestic and fascinating desert of the Sahara give Algeria all the assets for a wonderful touristic destination. These assets offer you the opportunity to practice several types of tourism : coastal, outdoor and mountain, thermal, cultural and Saharan.

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Algeria is rich in a cultural heritage that is important to protect and safeguard, but also to preserve oblivion as well as insults of time. It is a heritage of exceptional richness that translates in its fullness a thousand-year-old history, shaped by multiple civilizational contributions, habits, traditions and customs that have their roots in a way of life that reflects the genius People. One of the hallmarks of the Algerian's multiple personality is this attachment to the quasi-ritual celebration of local customs and festivals that show the diversity of Algerian cultural heritage. This attachment has sometimes suffered the wear of time. Our programs and tours are rich and varied to better satisfy the curiosity of our visitors.

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Discover Algeria by Motorcycle

This program is an initiative that aims to offer a new way to discover and love Algeria while enjoying the pleasure of driving and adventure. Our circuits are carefully designed to be an annual event intended for all fans of Motorcycling, Travel and Adventure.


Located 80 m from the archaeological site of TIMGAD (classified international heritage by UNESCO) and 36 km from the capital of the wilaya (department) of Batna. With a capacity of 50 beds, the TRAJAN HOTEL has 20 rooms, including 10 suites, and provides its customers with services that meet their requirements.


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