On the occasion of the organization of the largest gathering of the Algerian Sahara; The company Timgad Batna Travel agency Akar Akar Tamanrasset invite you to take part in this great event in the most beautiful desert in the world "Tassili Hoggar" where a rich and varied program including evening entertainment is dedicated specifically for you to that you will have a great time and enjoy tea with our teams Tuareg in a total change of scenery. Mr Sharif and Mr Mokhtar MENACEUR Zounga As two professionals in the tourism and travel, we would like the ticket of this letter, send a message to all lovers of wilderness and adventure, saying: Before thinking about traveling elsewhere, take the road to find the "Deep Algeria" that the deceased Ammi Bejaia Idir has always designated "Wonderful Algeria." We assure you an unforgettable trip and an incomparable adventure. Your brothers and friends await you Tuareg so be many to enjoy a magical atmosphere in a unique place.