A Sahara initiation travel, this tour is designed for those who do not know the desert and want to discover its main aspects in a few days, during an expedition. This route will allow you to get acquainted with the most typical Saharan landscapes and wild furrowed wadis, canyons, dunes and strange forms of Tassili Hoggar and its volcanic mountains. the most typical Saharan landscapes and wild furrowed wadis, canyons, dunes and strange forms of Tassili Hoggar and its volcanic mountains
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Details of Program:

1 st day: (Algiers - Tamanrasset)

• Check to Tamanrasset in the morning or early afternoon; reception at the airport and transfer to the camp. Quick tour of the city. • Dinner and overnight.

2 nd day (Tam - Tagrera)

• Wake up early and start shipping to the track that leads to the river Zazir. • A series of passages lead you to Tagrera. • Installing the bivouac and night.

3 rd day (Tagrera - In Akacheker - Tahaggart)

• In the morning, explore Tagrera. In Akacheker starting to bivouac lunch. • Continuation afternoon to the cliffs In Ebeggi, Tassili Tin Tin Meskor and crossing Tarabine for arrival magical site Tahaggart. • Dinner and overnight.

4 th day (Tahaggart - Youf Haket A)

• The morning exploration Tahaggart citadel stones amid the sands and surfing Tin Tarabine to join Youf A Haket. Vast mineral maze where you will find petroglyphs. • Installing the bivouac and night.

5 th day (Youf A Haket - In Dalagh)

• In the morning, explore the site and off-track navigation through the sand dunes and canyons to move north towards the green Wadi Taghaouhout. • Installing the bivouac and night in the region Dalagh In the Gueltats of Tamekrist.

6 th day (In Dalagh - Taderaz)

• Crossing a huge plateau and continue to the oasis of Tahifet and neck Azrou. • Check the edge of the Hoggar mountains. • Camp at the foot of Mount Taderaz (1176m) in Wadi Idelès.

7 th day (Taderz - Assekrem)

• Climb to Assekrem borrowing a beautiful mountain trail after leaving the Oasis Irafok. • Check the refuge at the foot of the plateau. We arrivéeons early enough to take a nice walk on foot to admire the sunset at the heart of the massif of Altakor. • Bivouac and night at the shelter.

8 th day (Assekrem - Tamanrasset - Algiers)

• Early morning walk uphill to the hermitage of Father Eddy to watch the sunrise then down to Tamanrasset a rocky track. • Lunch at the camp Tam. Transfer to airport for departure flight to Algiers. • Transfer to the airport and assistance with check-in and boarding.

Our programs are tailored (subject to change) to flight schedules. They may be extended by 1 or 2 days in case the country of origin serves only the Algiers airport. A guided tour of the city of Algiers and its surroundings is proposed (Casbah, Notre Dame d'Afrique, the Bardo Museum, Roman ruins of Tipaza ..) with accommodation at the hotel from the airport.