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Algeria land of Wealth and History

Official denomination : Republic Democratic and Popular of Algeria.
Nature of the regime : Republican.
Capital : Algiers.
Surface : 2 381 741 km 2.
Main cities : Annaba, Oran, Constantine, Tlemcen, Batna, Médéa, Mostaganem, Sétif, Bejaia, Tizi-Ouzou.
Population : 43,9 million (2019)..
Demographic growth : 1,53 % / year.
National languages : Arabic, Tamazight.
Official language : Arabic.
Currency : Algerian Dinar (DA).
Workdays : from Sunday to Thursday.
Religious feasts : Aïd El Fîtr, Aïd El Adha, Awal Moharem Achoura, El-Mawlid Ennabaoui Echarif.
Legal feasts : New Year's Day, Feast of work (May 1), Feast of the independence (July 5), Birthday of revolution (November 1).
Time zone : UTC + 1


Algeria (Formal Arabic :), officially the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a country located in North Africa. It is the largest country on the Mediterranean sea, the second largest on the African continent and the eleventh-largest country in the world in terms of land area. It is bordered by Tunisia in the northeast, Libya in the east, Niger in the southeast, Mali and Mauritania in the southwest, a few kilometers of the Western Sahara in the west, Morocco in the northwest, and the Mediterranean Sea in the north.

Algeria has been a member of the Organization of the United Nations (UN), the African Union (AU) and the League of Arab States since its independence in 1962. It has joined the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC) in 1969. In February 1989, Algeria took part, along with the other Maghreb states, in the creation of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) organization.

The Algerian Constitution defines "Islam, Arabity and Amazighity" as "fundamental components" of the identity of the Algerian people and the country as "land of Islam, an integral part of the Great Maghreb, Mediterranean and African".

Algeria land of wealth

Algeria is rich in a cultural heritage that it is important to protect and safeguard, but also to preserve from forgetfulness as much as the insults of time. It is a heritage of exceptional wealth that reflects in its fullness a millennial history, shaped by multiple civilizational contributions, habits, traditions and customs that have their roots in a way of life that reflects the genius People. One of the hallmarks of the Algerian's multiple personality is its attachment to the almost ritual celebration of local customs and festivals that show the diversity of Algerian cultural heritage.

Algerian sites classified as UNESCO's cultural heritage

Timgad is a military colony created by the III legion Augustus in the year 100 by the emperor Trajan on the north slope of Aurès (wilaya of Batna).
Tipaza was a Punic counter and strategic base for the Roman conquest of the Mauritanian kingdoms, listed among the 33 World Heritage properties in peril at the 26th session of the World Heritage Committee in Budapest on 26 June 2002.
Djemila, the ancient Circul is located about thirty kilometers from Sétif.
The Tassili n'Aajer (wilaya of Ouargla and Tamanrasset), and the largest museum of prehistoric rock art in the world. More than 15,000 drawings and engravings tell of climates, fauna and human life in the Sahara from 6,000 BC to the first centuries of our era.
The Kalâa of Béni Hamad in Bechara (wilaya of M'sila), is a fortified Muslim city, founded in 1007 and first capital of Hammadid emirs.
The valley of M'Zab (wilaya of Laghouat) whose ksour (fortified villages) have preserved the habitat created in the tenth century by the Ibadites.
The Casbah, mythical Islamic medina of the capital.

Presidents of the Republic

Ahmed Ben Bella

Houari Boumediene

Chadli Ben Djedid

Liamine Zeroual

Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Abdelmadjid Tebboune

Heads of State

Rabah Bitat

Mohamed Boudiaf

Ali Kafi

Abdelkader Bensalah

Historical Personalities


Juba II



Arudj Barberousse

L'Emir Abdelkader

Abdelhamid Ben Badis

Mustapha Ben Boulaid

Larbi Ben Mhidi

Didouche Mourad

Moufdi Zakaria

Mohamed Racim

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